My God Pet

Since I forgot to do this earlier, let me do it no:

Anaias, the wolf:

Long ago, there was a wolf named Anaias. He was a god among wolves, the alpha of the group. No one knew what made this wolf so strong, so bold, and so great.

At night, when there was a full moon, Anaias would go up on the highest hill he could find. He would get into a stance, and look straight at the sky, and howl. When he howled, his spirit was filled with the power of the moon. One filled, he could do anything.

Once, he and his pack were at their den, resting, when hunters came. They began firing their shotguns at the dogs, killing off the slow and the non agile. Anaias would be able to take a shot when he had the moon’s power, so he was able to withstand a shot and still fight. With the help of Anaias and other elite dogs, they took down the hunters and fled.

But sadly, the wound stayed with Anaias. It was a fatal wound that could not be healed. Anaias, in his last hours, did all he could to get food and shelter for his remaining pack. He found a nice cave, and 2 deer. Afterwards, Anaias went to the top of the highest hill he could find on a full moon night, and howled one last time. The last howl took his spirit to the Moon, where his spirit forever gives power to wolves. Anaias’s death was a gain to all wolves.

To this very day, wolves everywhere howl to the moon for power and wisdom, hoping to capture Anaias’s spirit for a short time in order to have his strength to fight off hunters or hunt down prey. And that is why wolve’s howl.

My Blog Avatar

My blog avatar. He looks cool doesn't he?

My blog avatar. He looks cool doesn't he?

Well, this is my blog avatar, Gordon. When I made him, I wanted to recreate the look of Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series, but seeing how some of his facial features are off, I couldn’t get his hazard suit thing, and his beard/goatee thing wasn’t how I wanted, I got this Gordon, who looks close to the original. I believe he looks pretty neat, and a good look a like.


I chose him because I absolutely love the Half-Life series, and I was familiar with the thing I used to make Gordon, so I was prepared. But I got this instead, so oh well, good enough.

Pi day post

In the Star Trek episode “Wolf in the Fold,” Spock foils the evil computer by commanding it to “compute to last digit the value of pi.


See, the reason this works is because THERE IS NO END TO PI.  It will forever continue on, so the computer CAN’T find the end. It will go through so many numbers it will crash it’s made up brain, and die. This man was very clever. Hehehe…..

Cleaning up

Ok, I’ve been cleaning up my blog, and I truthfully believe it’s in great condion.

So while I’m here, I’m tired, trying to find iphones that aren’t 600 dollars, and addicted to minecraft. It’s a mess, yet I still have over 94’s for my grades 😀

Heroic Picture…

Thius heroic man and dog take a well deserved nap after the efforts of attempting to save as many lives as possible.

Thius heroic man and dog take a well deserved nap after the efforts of attempting to save as many lives as possible.

See, now, after 9/11, so many things were needed to happen. Lives to save, messes to clean up, etc. Now, this man and his dog have been working a lot, so much in fact they fall asleep in the middle of all the confusion to take a small and well deserved nap. This shows that these heroic men were working so hard, they got so exausted they began to fall asleep on the job…well, they probably were given like an hour nap or something. But it shows how hard they worked and how exausted they got from trying to rescue us.

Modern Hero/What I think of Him

Well, the thing is, I don’t really know a modern hero as a single. The only modern heroes I know of are the men and women in the army. Let’s think about it:

1. They are over there in a fire fight that could either scar them for life or take there life.

2. They have to rationalize everything, like food and other luxuries we take forgranted.

3. They are sleep deprived.

4. They are doing it for us, which is unselfish and unconditional love toward us.

5. They might have constant fear out there.

These things make these men and women very brave and strong. Not to mention endurance. If they stopped when they got tired they would only be good for like a week! But instead, they fight year-round all to keep us safe. I think of these people as something I could only strive to be, seeing how much they go through. If I was given the oppurtunity to live one day in the army and come back, I’d be tired! But that’s just one day! They do it 365 days a year (366 counting leap year)!


Single Hero:

I haven’t been following the news on yahoo! or anything, so I wouldn’t know about this, but in Egypt, there is this guy (I forgot his name) who’s been leading a revolt against Egypt’s government, fighting to over throw who I assume is bad, the President. Recently, the president has agreed to resign, but I think I saw something else written saying they aren’t finished. This man is a hero to his people, for having the courage to lead them to a brighter future and a new/better president who will help them.

King Arthur: Hero Qualities

Thinking back to King Arthur, here are some qualities that make a hero.

1: Kindness- Kind to the poor, the broken, and even enemies.

2. Mercy- You wouldn’t be such a great hero if you didn’t know when to stop when hurting someone.

3. Knowledge- You can’t be a hero when you’re as dumb as a rock.

4. Perserverence- A hero is one who doesn’t give in when it gets hard. When times get harder, they try harder. You can’t be a hero when you give up so easily.

5. Chilverous- Even though I’ve listed 2 qualities already, being Chilverous means you follow the code of chilviry.